We Want to Address Your BIGGEST Fitness Challenge!

We are committed to YOU at 1 & Only Fitness. No matter what the goal is or how hard it may seem to accomplish this goal, we’re going to do everything we can to give you the tools to be successful.

Some of the new initiatives we’re going to roll out in 2016 are seminars, workshops and lectures – which are free. We’re in the planning phase of holding our first workshop in April and would like input from YOU so this can be a very beneficial experience!

With that being said, we’ve already got some great topics lined up for the event(s) but would love to get input from our community of clients and members. What is your biggest fitness challenge? What stops you from hitting your goals? Answer the poll below to help us out, and in turn, help you and many others like you! Let’s all get healthier together.

What is the biggest challenge you run into while trying to accomplish your fitness goal(s)?

Diet Related Challenges
Exercise Related Challenges
Lack of Accountability/Guidance
Information Overload
Finding Time
Please Specify:

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