What A Newborn Baby Can Teach You About Fitness

Meet my newborn son, Julian. He’s 6 days old and he can already teach you three very important things about improving your fitness.

I must say, I’m impressed! He really knows his stuff. Unfortunately he can’t speak, but he wanted me to relay these tips to you guys so you can maximize your gym progress starting today!

Recovery Is Key

Recovery, more specifically sleep, is one of the most unappreciated and underutilized methods of improving your fitness. Sleep is essential for recovery and optimizing your body for making progress towards your goals.

Poor sleep can negatively affect your fat cells, causing “metabolic grogginess,” according to the University of Chicago. Their research shows that after just four days of sleep deprivation, metabolic grogginess can drop your insulin sensitivity by over 30 percent. Eventually that will cause your body to hang on to extra insulin and store it as fat, which will be backtracking in the worst way.

Poor sleep can also cause you to crave foods, miss gym time and actually decrease your mobility in day-to-day activities.

Maybe you can’t sleep 20 hours a day like Julian does, but you can definitely prioritize sleep and aim for 8+ hours a night. Turn off the lights and TV, set your phone off to the side, get comfy and sleep your way to new fitness success.

Eat Frequent Meals

Julian currently eats every 2-3 hours. Sound familiar? At 1 & Only Fitness, we encourage our clients to adapt this style of nutritional intake. Instead of eating 2-3 large meals a day, break your meals up into 5-6 smaller portioned meals, evenly spread out through the day.

Everyone has a different opinion on this subject – some people dislike frequent meal dieting, others swear by it. I’m just telling you guys what Julian tells me. He says to eat every few hours so you can increase muscle mass, increase metabolism and keep a good mood all day.

Personally, I adhere to this style of eating. My typical day looks like this:

  • 4am: Breakfast
    • 3 whole Eggs, 5 Egg Whites, 2 cups Spinach, Salsa
  • 7am: Snack #1
    • Apple and/or 1 oz. Almonds
  • 9am: Post-Workout Meal/Shake
    •  Plant-Based Protein Shake from 1 & Only Fitness
  • 12pm: Lunch #1
    •   5 oz. Chicken Breast, 7 oz. Sweet Potato, 10 oz. Asparagus
  • 3pm: Lunch #2
    •     5 oz. Salmon, 2 cups Broccoli, 2 cups Cauliflower
  • 5pm: Snack #2
    •   1 oz Almonds (sometimes I skip this)
  • 7pm: Dinner
    • 5 oz. Chicken Breast, 2 cups Spinach, Salsa

Ask for Help

This is huge advice for you guys to take. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. When Julian needs something, he cries. He doesn’t care what Catherine and I are doing at the moment, all he knows is he needs help. So he cries…

Violently cries.

At 2am.

I do not want you guys to cry, but I do want you to know that you don’t have to hold back any questions about fitness. Whether it’s help with exercise form, how to lose weight, how to gain weight, how to eat, etc. we have a staff full of pros who can help you out!

Reach out to our staff, or even other gym members, who helpful tips on how you achieve your fitness goals!

What Happens To Fat You Lose?

Ever wonder what happens when you burn & lose body fat? Here’s your answer!

The Simple App To Fuel Your Fitness

My Fitness Pal – Have you heard of it?

Here at 1 & Only Fitness, we are huge fans of My Fitness Pal! Several of our staff members use it and the majority of our personal training clients use it as well! If you’re not up to speed on what MFP is, here’s a quick overview.

My Fitness Pal is a FREE online fitness journal and smartphone app available on Apple, Android and Windows devices. The web application automatically syncs with the mobile data so that you’re always 100% caught up on your journal entries. With MFP, you track your daily nutrition right down to the macro and micro-nutrients! You can also track water consumption, fitness activity and use it as a journal/blog!

The best part? Did I mention that My Fitness Pal is free. There is a paid version, but it’s strictly upgrades. You can get everything you need and more from the free app.

Here’s a list of perks that come from the free version, taken from

  • The easiest to use food diary on the web Track what you eat with just a few clicks from anywhere with an internet connection – at home or at work
  • A searchable food database of over 1,000,000 items and it’s growing every day!
  • Your own personal food database add your own foods and recipes at any time and access them from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Free mobile apps for iPhone and Android so you can log your meals and exercise even when you are on the go
  • Support and motivation from people just like you – Our discussion forums let you learn from others, share your own tips, receive and give encouragement, and make friends.
  • A personalized diet profile customized to your unique weight loss goals.
  • Flexibility: Our system can support any diet like Atkins, the South Beach Diet, the Zone, and more. No matter what diet you’re on, we can help.

Sound like something you could benefit from? I think YES!

With My Fitness Pal, you can easily keep yourself accountable. Take it upon yourself to start measuring portions, paying attention to your food intake and fuel your body with the proper wholesome foods you need to make progress towards your goals!

Here’s the deal! 

I would like to offer a FREE 4-week training program, consultation, nutritional counseling session AND 30-minute personal training session to the first THREE people who keep a 7-day food log and show it to me at the gym (or via email).

This deal expires in 14 days. You have until July 21 to keep a 7-day consecutive food log, you can do that! Complete it, show me and we’ll get you set up with a package values at over $400 for FREE!

Motivation: 300 Pounds Down & Counting!

One of the most common excuses I hear for why individuals don’t exercise is LACK OF MOTIVATION. This story will put a quick end to that excuse. Jesse Shand was recently featured on for his amazing weight loss story.

28-year-old Jesse Shand battled obesity and won—with a little help from his friends on the forums. Learn how the kindness of strangers made a difference in one man’s life!

Jesse went from 653 pounds back in 2013, to 297 at the time of this posting. He’s probably working out as we speak. He has displayed a tremendous amount of motivation, perseverance and determination along this journey, but as the article on BB says, he’s nowhere near finished with this story!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

What is stopping YOU from taking your first step? If you’ve already started your weight loss journey, this should be a real life example of how hard work and dedication pays off. Keep it up, we’ve got your back and will help in any way!

Don’t be hesitant when it comes to your health. You only have one body and you have to live in it forever. Let’s make sure we take care of it!

You can read the fully detailed story of Jesse Shand here!

The Whole30 Challenge: Justin’s Journey

Note from author: This is a little bit more personal than most of my other articles. Stick with me on this one, it’ll make sense in the end.

You’ve probably heard that when it comes to weight loss, health and wellness, nutrition is the most vital component of the process. I agree wholeheartedly. You can’t out-train a poor diet. That’s a 100% fact.

Nutrition has always been the most intriguing piece of this fitness puzzle to me. Ever since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in 2012, my entire lifestyle has changed – for the better. I place an extremely high priority on my nutrition, and my knowledge on the subject.

Of course, the exercise and anatomy portions of the fitness world are very important to me as well, but something about nutrition just really gets me going. Clients at the gym have noticed this about me and I’ve kind of become the go-to guy for nutrition questions. I love that. Keep it coming.

I got into this profession to help people and I enjoy doing that every single day. I do want to come clean about something and extend a challenge to everyone reading this!

Before I get to that, let me give you some background…

I recently lead a lecture and discussion about Celiac Disease at the Community Healthplex Sports Club, which is part of the Community Health Network. It was an unbelievable experience. I was able to spread great information to a receptive audience and it went better than I could have ever expected. It did open my eyes to some things I was not aware of.

I realized that sometimes my nutritional beliefs, when compared to the common view of nutrition, can be:

  • Intimidating
  • Challenging
  • Peculiar

But I also know that my nutritional beliefs produce:

  • Results
  • Healthier Lives
  • Happier Lives

I’ve lived it and seen my clients live it. When I discuss my nutritional lifestyle, a lot of people’s initial reaction makes it seem like they think I eat a perfect diet – and at times I think this can be discouraging for clients, rather than the uplifting effect I was aiming for. I never want to give that impression, and sorry if I have given that impression to you!

This is what I want to come clean about. I have slip-ups just like everyone else. Let me tell you something, no one eats a perfect diet. I can guarantee that. Like I said, I have slip-ups, overeat occasionally, give in to temptations, etc. It’s natural for us to do so, we just have to minimize it.

Sounds easier than it is, right? Because life happens. My wife, Catherine, is 23 weeks pregnant and her cravings are my top priority. If you’ve never experienced pregnant woman cravings, it’s exactly what you think it is.

She craves something unusual, unhealthy and/or delicious. You go and get it for her immediately.

I have pretty strong willpower, but as you know from my previous article, environment trumps willpower. Sometimes her cravings become my snack. Or my dinner. Or my dessert. Or all of the above.

Related Article: Stop Using Willpower!

As I said before, you can’t out-train a bad diet. As my dietary slip-ups are increasing, I would love to increase my training intensity to at least try to level it out – but I can’t. A herniated L4-L5 disc will do that to you.

I’ve been battling this for 4-5 months now and I’m finally receiving injection treatments for it after trying several other methods. With that, comes a lowered level of intensity of my workouts. Sorry about all the personal info, but it all has a point! Just wait… it’s coming!

Nutrition is going to be exponentially more important to me over the next 12 weeks during my recovery process. Not exercising as hard will leave less room for dietary errors and I’m ready for the challenge!


I’ve decided that during the month of June I’m going to do the Whole 30 challenge. Whole30 is not one of those fad diets that may or may not work. It has only one rule: Eat real food. It’s like hitting the ‘reset’ button on your nutrition, or it could be an intro into a healthy lifestyle for those who may not be happy with their diet.

For 30 days, you avoid added sugars (even natural ones like Stevia), alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, MSG and pseudo-treats. During the 30 days you step away from the scale and any other body measurements and just let whole, natural food have its effect. You will feel great and this will undoubtedly get you closer to your goals.

View The Official Whole30 Rules Here

This is going to be tough. I already avoid grains, alcohol, dairy, most legumes and the food additives, but as I mentioned before, I have slip-ups more often than I’d like to. The added sugars can be tough to avoid, even if they’re natural. I can buckle down and do this for 30 days. If not, then that’s just weak!

I’m going to document the entire month on this blog. You’ll see what I eat, how I’m feeling and stay updated on my progress.


After I complete this during the month of June, I’ll repeat it in July and invite friends, family, clients, etc. to join the fun so we can all feel great together!   So stay tuned and do some research on Whole 30! It’s going to be an awesome month for me in June and I hope you all join me in July!

Sign Up For Free Below

This is a 100% FREE challenge. Just fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch with tons of useful tools/info to help you out when the challenge starts on July 1. Myself, and other 1 & Only Fitness staff members, will be there right by your side every step of the way! We are participating too and can’t wait to share the results.

Join me in the Whole30 challenge, starting July 1! Sign up below for FREE!

7 + 1 = ?


Indianapolis: One of the least fit cities in America

As reported by USA Today, Indianapolis has recently been named one of the least fit cities in America. An annual American Fitness Index by the American College of Sports Medicine ranks the top 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States based on several criteria such as access to walk ways, bike routes, gyms in business, obesity rates, etc. Below is an excerpt from today’s USA Today report:

Meanwhile, the Indianapolis area dropped from 46th in 2014 to become the least fit major metro area this year, according to the eighth annual American Fitness Index from the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem Foundation.

The rankings, based on outdoor exercise options and rates of smoking, obesity and diabetes, are designed to be a “call to action” for areas to improve their infrastructures so they promote healthy lifestyles, says Walter Thompson, chair of the AFI advisory board and a professor of kinesiology at Georgia State University.

Instead of accepting this fact, let’s do something about it! We have a great community of staff, gym members and clients at 1 & Only Fitness who are working relentlessly to debunk the myth about the Indianapolis fitness levels being so low! Let’s continue to do our part to help change the fitness culture in our city/state.

If you have a friend, family member, neighbor, co-worker, etc. who is on the fence about embarking on a fitness journey, we urge you to show them this report! Spread the word. We do not want our hometown to continually be recognized as “un-fit.” Hoosiers deserve better!

Let’s come together to make a change and spread the wealth of health!

Guess That Workout: Which activity did I do to burn these calories? *UPDATED*

This contest ended April 29, please find the answers below. Winners have been contacted! Good luck on the next “Guess that Workout!”

Find the Answers Here!


Is Workout A:

A) Leg Day

B) 5 mile walk with puppy

C) Mowing the lawn

This was just some good ol’ fashion yardwork! Cut the front and back in under an hour. My lawn is about 7,000 sq ft, in case you’re curious of what YOU might be burning when you mow and wanted to put it into perspective.


Is Workout B:

A) Leg Day

B) 5 mile walk with puppy

C) Mowing the lawn

Ahh, gotta love leg day! It’s a good thing I cut the yard before working out my legs, because the day after this workout was pretttttty rough.

Guess that Workout

Let’s play a little game called Guess That Workout! Here’s how you play:

  1. Look at the two photos presented below. The data is taken from my Microsoft Band, which measures heart rate, calories burned, length of workout and a ton of other useful statistics (that I left out of the pics).
  2. Try to match the workout options to the data in the pictures.
  3. Submit your answers and if you get them both correct, you’ll receive $1 off your next post-workout smoothie!


Is Workout A:

A) Leg Day

B) 5 mile walk with puppy

C) Mowing the lawn


Is Workout B:

A) Leg Day

B) 5 mile walk with puppy

C) Mowing the lawn

Guess That Workout Below:

Osee Salt: Now you can SEE your sea salt!

“Americans of all ages, regardless of individual risk factors, can improve their heart health and reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease by restricting their daily consumption of sodium to less than 1,500 mg.”

– Nancy Brown, CEO, American Heart Association

There is a debate going on right now with sodium intake being the center of attention. Are you eating too much? Are you watching your sodium? Are you not eating enough? There are scientific studies that literally contradict each other on the subject. One side saying this, while the other side says that. Well, I’m not here to join that argument. I fit under the umbrella that sodium (especially in the form of sea salt) is incredible for your body when used in moderation.

Now I know there are some readers out there gasping in disbelief that a fitness professional just said that salt is good for you. I’m really sorry that you’ve been misinformed for so long! Salt is not the enemy, nor is sodium. Pre-packaged, refined carbohydrates with artificial ingredients and fillers are the enemy. Trust me.

When used responsibly, sea salt (which is now going to be used interchangeably with ‘sodium’) can actually be beneficial to active individuals. Raw sea salt is a great alkalizing food because of its natural state of ingestion. It’s never been heated or stripped of the natural minerals it offers. The alkalizing affect can prevent your body from becoming too acidic, which will improve your immune system and help fight off illnesses or life-threatening diseases.

Sea Salt can also help maintain a healthy electrolyte balance in your body, which optimizes blood composition, circulation, muscular strength, and overall functioning of the body. Minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium contribute to the electrolytic equilibrium of the body. Look at the nutritional facts in Gatorade and you’ll have a better understanding of what it actually is and how it’s supposed to be used.

Aside from those two major benefits, there are also 15-20 additional ways sodium can help your body. Sodium can aid in avoiding or treating muscle cramps, prevent hair loss, maintain healthy blood sugar and… oh, duh… make your food taste better! Not to mention the cosmetic uses that sea salt can offer such as exfoliation, acne reduction and dental wellness.

So where am I going with this? Am I pro-sodium or anti-sodium? As I mentioned before, sodium intake in moderation is highly beneficial. I would not recommend depriving yourself of sodium. I would recommend taking in natural sources of sodium by using products like Osee Salt.

What is Osee Salt?

Our Grandma Osee was a character. She didn’t mince words, was a constant knitter and made a mean cherry pie. When you shook the salt shaker at Osee’s house, green salt would pour out.  When asked why her salt was green, she said “Because I can’t see plain, white salt.”

At the time, green salt seemed to be a strange and quirky “Grandma Osee thing.”  Turns out, it’s a great idea and now we want to share it with the world.


Osee Salt starts with sea salt that is harvested from the waters off the coast of Brazil. Colorants made from vegetable juice are added to this delicious, kosher sea salt to create the beautiful, vibrant colors that you can see on your food.

Why is this awesome?

This is AWESOME because it solves an ongoing issue with our nutrition without taking sides or completely disregarding either side of the argument about sodium. The creators of Osee Salt know that salt is necessary. If not for the health benefits, for culinary benefits. They also know that too much of anything can be bad for your. Moderation is the key.

Let’s be honest, we’re not carefully measuring out one teaspoon of salt when you sprinkle it over your eggs. We’re blindly grinding or shaking it onto the food. Grandma Osee was right, it’s hard to see. It’s basically invisible. With the colorful selection of Osee Salts, you’ll never have that problem again.

Now you can see your salt. So, whether you think you need more or less salt in your diet, at least now you can monitor your intake and properly eat to reach your goals!

Osee Salt is a company based out of Indianapolis/Noblesville, IN. You can order your Osee at or pick it up at these great retailers:

  • Marsh Grocery Stores / 17 Indianapolis area Marsh stores
  • Gigi’s Cupcakes / 8981 East 116th Street, Fishers, IN
  • Gigi’s Cupcakes / 2454 East 146th Street, Carmel, IN
  • Gigi’s Cupcakes / 8487 Union Chapel Road, Indianapolis, IN
  • The Scoop / 305 South Main, Zionsville, IN
  • Cool Beans / 109 North Huntington Street, Syracuse, IN
  • Be Boutique / 5607 North Illinois Street / Indianapolis, IN

Stop Using Willpower!

What are your goals? Whether you want to lose weight, pack on muscle or increase your mobility, there will certainly be some amount of structure and/or sacrifice necessary to earn the goal you have in mind.

When I ask an individual what they believe it will take for them to achieve their goal, one of the most common answers is willpower. Maybe it’s not the exact term willpower, but it’s usually a synonym such as discipline, accountability or dedication. Something along those lines.

Willpower is a sense control deliberately exerted to do something or to restrain one’s own impulses.

What I don’t understand is why we’ve been lead to believe that building healthy habits is strictly based on willpower and discipline. Americans have been relying on willpower to improve their health for decades and where has that gotten us? Nowhere. In fact, things have dramatically worsened over the years according to the data collected by Harvard University’s School of Public Health.

Excerpt below:

In 1990, obese adults made up less than 15 percent of the population in most U.S. states. By 2010, 36 states had obesity rates of 25 percent or higher, and 12 of those had obesity rates of 30 percent or higher.

Today, nationwide, roughly two out of three U.S. adults are overweight or obese (69 percent) and one out of three is obese (36 percent).

What I’m trying to say is that we CANNOT rely on willpower when it comes to creating healthy habits. Our willpower WILL fail us, you can bank on that. Trust me, for the longest time I thought willpower alone would help me meet my goals. I found out time after time that, unfortunately, that is simply not the case.

Willpower is Scottie Pippen.

Willpower is great, but will not win you championships on its own.

Willpower needs a Michael Jordan.

ENVIRONMENT is Michael Jordan.


Your environment is the absolute most important component of creating healthier habits. Environment trumps willpower and will always be superior when the two are faced against each other. It may not be immediate, but your willpower will eventually give in to your environment. It could take seconds, minutes, days or even years but it is 100% inevitable. No one is perfect, so to think that we can live, eat, exercise, work, etc. perfectly without giving in to temptation every now and then is purely erroneous.

The key is that we must develop an environment that is preparing us to succeed towards our goals.

Our willpower is limited, unfortunately we don’t have an infinite amount. Think of your willpower as your smartphone. If you’re on your phone talking, texting and playing on apps all day that’s going to drain your battery faster. Eventually, your battery is going to die and you’ll be forced to charge it. If you have to use willpower to turn down unhealthy food choices multiple times a day, that’s going to drain your supply of willpower faster. Eventually your willpower will run out and you’ll be chowing down on a combo meal from McDonald’s. Not good.

One of the best scientific studies that illustrates this is the Ego Depletion study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, published in 1998. This is one of the golden standards when it comes to the topic.

Here’s a brief outline:

Students participating in the study were asked to enter a laboratory room that was set up to look like a taste perception study. The room was filled with the aroma of freshly baked Chocolate Chip cookies, which had just been baked in the room. In the room, there were two different food displays; one was bowl of red and white radishes, the other was a plate of chocolate chip cookies and chocolate candies.

The participants were told which food to eat and how much of that food they were allowed to eat. After the tasting was over, the participants were asked to complete a series of geometric puzzles, however, they did not know that these puzzles were designed to be unsolvable. They were told that they would not be judged on the results of their puzzles, but on whether or not they finish the puzzle and the amount of time spent on them. Each participant was notified to ring a bell when they want to give up on the puzzle.

The results show that the participants who ate the radishes gave up on the puzzles FASTER than those who ate the chocolate/cookies (8.35 minutes vs. 18.90 minutes).

What does that mean? That means the group who was told to eat radishes depleted their supply of willpower by rejecting the delicious cookies. They exhausted their own willpower so much that they quickly gave up on the next challenge they were faced with.

Excerpt below:

Resisting temptation seems to have produced a psychic cost, in the sense that afterward participants were more inclined to give up easily in the face of frustration.

The key here is to set yourself up for success with an environment tailored towards what you’re trying to accomplish. The goal is to NOT use your willpower, because you’re not forced to use it by temptations in your environment. Instead of having your environment battle with your willpower, we need to utilize these two things in tandem, just like the Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen analogy I used before.

If you are consistently living with a healthy environment, you won’t need to use your willpower. That way when things get shaken up and you call on your willpower for help, you actually have the strength to keep your eyes on the prize.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” So let’s prep our lives to be healthy.

  • Prepare your meals in advance.
  • Keep only healthy items in your refrigerator and pantry.
  • Hang out with friends who also value their health.
  • Be positive and friendly to everyone that you meet.
  • Work your hardest in everything that you do.

These are easy ways to create the environment you need to meet your goals.

Don’t rely on willpower anymore. You’re stronger than that.


1) “An Epidemic of Obesity: U.S. Obesity Trends.” The Nutrition Source. Harvard University: School of Public Health. Web. 2 Apr. 2015. <>.

2) Baumeister, Roy, Ellen Bratslavsky, Mark Muraven, and Dianne Tice. “Ego Depletion: Is the Active Self a Limited Resource?” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Web. 2 Apr. 2015. <>.

What Is Your Body Type?

When it comes to starting a new exercise program and/or nutrition plan, it’s not a one size fits all process. For me, as a trainer, many specific factors go into consideration when I create the programs that I present to clients. For you, as a fitness enthusiast, the selection process should be just as precise.

You need to follow a program that is right for YOU. Nine times out of ten, what works for one individual will not work as effectively for the next.

Although we all have very different genetics and body types, the human body can be classified by these three basic body types.

  • Ectomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Endomorph

Check out the illustrations below from for a general overview of what each body type looks like!


  • Narrow hips and clavicles
  • Small joints (wrist/ ankles)
  • Thin build
  • Stringy muscle bellies
  • Long limbs

  • Wide clavicles
  • Narrow waist
  • Thinner joints
  • Long and round muscle bellies

  • Blocky
  • Thick rib cage
  • Wide/thicker joints
  • Hips as wide (or wider)
    than clavicles
  • Shorter limbs‘s Paul Becker has recently launched a body type test that you can take and find out which body type you are. By finding out whether you’re an ecto, meso or endomorph, you can better understand your body and what it needs to function optimally. Head over to their site and take the quiz by clicking the button below!

Photos and sources: Paul Becker,