1 & Only Fitness Testimonials: Dr. Trond Seland

Today we’re featuring a testimonial from Fishers-based Chiropractor, Dr. Trond Seland. Dr. Seland is the founder of Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center located on Allisonville Road, just West of 116th Street. He’s been a member and client at 1 & Only Fitness since June 2015 and shares his experiences in the video above.

We’re very excited for the results that Dr. Seland has seen, and the impact he’s had on our business. His trust in our services has led to several of his patients visiting and joining the gym. We’re looking forward to a great 2016 and new goals being accomplished for Dr. Seland! Will you join him?!

Workout of the Day: Saturday, June 6, 2015

Client Testimonial: Nathan S. Ready To Pack On Some Muscle!

Nathan recently came to us with exciting news for our client testimonials page. He lost 40 pounds on his own. What an accomplishment! Now he has a new goal. Nathan wants to pack on some muscle and continue his fat loss journey. At the time of this recording, it had only been a few weeks but Nathan comes in and works relentlessly at his goals so we’re thrilled to see what changes will occur by the end of 2015!

Client Testimonial: Nadine J. is excited about her improved mobility!

Here is a quick client testimonial from Nadine! Nadine came to us back in September 2014 and has since had a back surgery to fix a long-term injury that has been causing her pain for many years. After the surgery, Nadine wasn’t getting her flexibility and mobility back as fast as she had expected. Physical therapy wasn’t getting the job done and the exercises the hospital gave her weren’t of much help either.

Nadine decided to come back into the gym and work on her mobility with us! A few months later, she’s made tremendous progress and is well on pace to be more mobile and more flexible than she was pre-surgery!

We’re glad Nadine is here at 1 & Only and we’re so happy to see her getting the results she desires!