Mike Lewkowicz

Mike Lewkowicz



I have been in the business of changing lives for more than 10 years. I think everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. I believe in a positive approach to your health, self and others. I have personally helped numerous people lose weight and keep it off, as well increase sport performance in student athletes and weekend warriors. I’ve also helped my clients develop diet plans that actually work.

This is my gift and it’s what I was called to do. Now, I have Mike Melloh along side of me as we pursue this new journey to help you get healthy and change your life.

I have developed a complete program fueled by passion, results and a genuine interest in helping people. This sets 1 & Only Fitness apart from all the others. You are an individual and that is how you will be treated with us, as we work to develop your personalized 1 & Only fitness and health plan.

Allow us the opportunity to change your life and invest in the future of yourself, your children and the loved ones around you. You only get one body, mind and spirit… if you respect these three; I promise they will respect you back.