Health Assessment

One of the benefits of a 1 & Only membership is a unique health assessment utilizing two different, yet complementary, screenings – the InBody 570 and the Functional Movement System (FMS).  The InBody 570 is a state of the art body composition analyzer that enables us to track individual body fat mass, muscle mass and the total amount of body water.  Too much attention is paid to BMI and body weight, as both can be misleading health indicators since neither distinguishes body fat from muscle mass.  The InBody allows us to understand, with precision, the composition of our members’ bodies, enabling our team of trainers to design a customized fitness program that incorporates diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices that result in health improvements.

FMS identifies movement asymmetries or major limitations in functional movement patterns, important for us to know, as movement quality is essential to reducing the risk of injury and reaching optimal levels of performance.  Knowing an individual’s functional limitations and asymmetries, as well as his or her readiness to perform exercise enables us develop a customized plan that will restore proper movement and build strength in each individual.

1 & Only Fitness is one of very few fitness facilities to offer such a unique health assessment using these two screenings.  You’re more likely to see the InBody being used in professional sports (the Los Angeles Lakers and the NFL use the InBody 570), or hospital systems.  It is rarely seen in fitness facilities, as most choose not to make the investment.  However, we see the investment in these tools as critical in our ability to support our members and the investments they are making in themselves, as they commit to getting and staying healthy.

Download the InBody 570 Spec Sheet (PDF)