“Mobility? Who cares… I just want to lose the weight”

I hear it all the time, “Who cares how I am moving, as long as I am moving, right? I just want to lose weight.”

At the front end of that argument, I would agree – any movement is better than no movement. On the other hand, you don’t go to work every day just to pass the time and collect a paycheck, do you? You are expected to complete tasks fully AND correctly. Your boss demands it and your job depends on it. How you choose to move is no different. Having full and healthy range-of-motion (ROM) is the key to living injury free, maximizing performance and prolonging independent living in your later years.

Joint mobility exercises involve moving a joint through its full ROM without pain. Slight discomfort is okay as this discomfort lets you know where your limitations lie. It is important to do mobility training when learning new, multi-joint exercises such as the squat or the lunge. Limitations in your mobility can keep you from proper form and further expose you to injury – delaying you from reaching your goals.

For those new to exercise, having a trainer watch your form to locate any limitation or discrepancy in mobility is important before progressing and proceeding with any routine. Mobilizing THEN strengthening around the joint is the way to go for long term health benefits. Locating these problem areas now, rather than later, will give you more time to correct the movement and get you on your way to using your body the correct way.

With mobilizing joints and correcting other problem areas, there is rarely a “quick fix.” Be prepared to work at these problem areas during your period of “correction” without getting overly frustrated about veering from your current routine. Likely these problem areas and immobility’s have developed over the course of many years so don’t expect them to be corrected in one session. Take the time to build your form, your technique and yourself the right way.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built to last.

Tune in the next couple of weeks to read more on mobility and flexibility and how important these two factors are to your overall health.

In Good Health,