The Importance of Exercise Form

Exercise form is extremely important, but why is it one of the first things we sacrifice just to “get it done?”

This is one question that I’ve been trying wrap my head around for a long time now.  Before we created 1 & Only Fitness I would go into gyms on a consistent basis and see fellow gym goers exercising, looking like they are violently possessed and seconds away from cracking a vertebrae. That is not my idea of an effective workout. To me, it looks like the risk definitely outweighed the reward. My opinion on this matter is solely based upon these fellow gym goers’ lack of results or just never seeing them workout again!

Exercise form is a crucial part of safety and body development for avid exercisers.  Understanding how your body is supposed to move rather than forcing movement to “get it done” will guarantee the results you want. Actually, you’ll probably see your results in half the time when using precise technique. You’ll aslo greatly decrease setbacks such as injury.

Let’s look at this scenario:

We’ve all been at the gym when there is a dude bench pressing, right? When he’s finished trying to lift more weight than he should be lifting, he places his hand on his shoulder, moving his arm in a seemingly painful windmill type motion. C’mon, like that’s going to help with the injury you feel from your bad form!

All of this can be avoided by learning, implementing and practicing proper form rather than stroking your ego in the gym just to “get it done.”  A great testing tool to help you achieve and maintain proper form is a mobility test called The Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  We use this tool to assess our clients and members from an anatomical standpoint.


The test lets us know of any mobility issues, muscular imbalances, flexibility restrictions or lack of stability.  99% of injuries occurring in gyms is from the lack of proper form.  Bad form one time will not (in most cases) cause injury, but that repeating that improper from time after time will eventually catch up with you. When it does, this can cause setbacks.

Sometimes you must sacrifice the completion of the desired 12-15 reps, to focus on proper form, which is exponentially important for avoiding setbacks and injuries.

Who likes setbacks?  I personally like accomplishments, it suits my spirit best.

You can accomplish your goals, prolong and preserve your body many years longer with proper form. Or… you can wreck your joints and spine because you chose to sacrifice good form strictly to “get it done.”

The choice is your and may the odds forever be in your favor.

Please exercise safe, smart and suitable for your goals and your body. Come in and see us anytime and we’ll develop a plan and goal system tailor-made for you. With the holidays approaching, give us the goal of joy. The joy of seeing you reach your goals!

One life, one body, one you.