What are FitCoins?

The FitCoins reward program is our exclusive, incentive-based rewards program for clients to motivate themselves to get the best possible results while also earning rewards for meeting their goals.  By visiting our gym frequently, you will be rewarded in two ways: with innumerable health benefits and with FitCoins redeemable at the gym! We use Perkville to run our FitCoins program. You can join for FREE here and start earning points.

How do I redeem my FitCoins?

FitCoins can be used to purchase services including personal training and fitness classes! You can also cash in your FitCoins for smoothies, memberships, gift cards and more!  You’ll manage your FitCoins through the Perkville dashboard.

How can I earn FitCoins?

Clients earn FitCoins by referring new clients, participating in competitions within the gym, reaching a goal number of workouts per month, regularly visiting the gym, working with a personal trainer and can earn in a variety of other ways.

Start Earning FitCoins!

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Manage Your FitCoins Account

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Join the Perkville / 1 & Only FitCoins Program (limit 1 per email)100
Facebook post about us! (1/day)10
Birthday present from us (limit 1 per account)10
Tweet about us! (1/day)10
Follow @1AndOnlyFitness on Twitter (limit 1 account per member)25
Attend a studio or group training class (no limit)25
Check-in to the gym (no limit)25
Attend a Personal Training Appointment (no limit)40
Keep a 30-day food log (no limit)100
Refer a friend to join the FitCoins Program (no limit)200




10 Minute Stretch Routine w/ Trainer200
1 Studio Fitness Class400
1 InBody Assessment400
1 Free Personal Training Session (30 min)500
$20 gift card750
1 InBody Assessment + 1 Personal Training + 4-Week Training Program1000
UNLIMITED Group Training for 1 month2000
You get to put your trainer through a workout!3000
3-Month Health/Wellness Coaching Program5000

Tutorial on how to sign up for the FitCoins program is below!