F.O.R.M. – Functionality Overcomes Rotten Movements

We all have the choice to do things correct or slightly flawed, the latter typically is the easy way out.  There is only one truth, truth is singular.  The rest are versions of mistruths.  In regards to this, I will be writing about proper exercise form, so let the truth be told!

Proper form simply comes down to basic body mechanics and an individual’s mobility.  It’s a matter of how we move and how we should not move.  If you execute exercises with proper form, the results and the effectiveness of the chosen exercises will be much greater! Another perk is that you’re setting yourself up for healthy, injury-free strength gains.

Many guys want a thicker chest, so obviously they are going to do chest exercises probably with a good amount of weight, but fail to actually grow their chest.  The sole reason why this issue occurs is improper form. Your body will always take the path of least resistance, unless you force proper body mechanics, in this case allowing the front deltoid (shoulders) to take over and do most of the work.

In my ten years of personal training, 90% of people do this and most of them aren’t aware until it is made apparent to them.  It is a world of a difference in how the exercise feels, let alone the results you will achieve just by simply pulling your shoulder blades back and squeezing though your chest, not just moving the weight.

Do me a favor and get up and do 3 squats in front of a mirror….

Did you notice your knees? Were they in front or behind your toes?Was your back rounded or arched? Was your head and chest held high or pointed downward?  Were you primarily on your toes or back on your heels?

All of these are questions you have to ask yourself to achieve great form, which will lead to better results, less injury, and an increase in personal confidence.

This measures up with anything we do in this life.  I believe most will agree, quality is worth much more than quantity.  Quality fuels our soul and quantity fuels are egos.  Take some time to really learn what proper form is and practice, practice, practice!

This is a lesson you can take with you on your lifelong journey of health and happiness, it’s the way you were made to move!