Corporate Wellness

1 & Only Fitness partners with employers to engage employees in workplace wellness programs designed to improve employee health and reduce the impact of increasingly expensive health insurance premiums.

Wellness programs are being implemented across the country in large and small companies alike, and the results are positively impacting the bottom line. Research is showing that it’s more cost-effective to invest in preventive health practices, such as screenings, immunizations, health risk appraisals, behavioral coaching, and health awareness/education, rather than spending resources exclusively on the small minority of employees/dependents who are responsible for high-cost health claims.

Immunizations, health risk appraisals, and behavioral coaching are undoubtedly essential components of a wellness program; however, a wellness program is incomplete without an exercise component.  A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report revealed that at worksites with exercise programs as components of their wellness programs, healthcare costs decreased from 20 – 55%, short-term sick leave was lowered from 38 to 32%, and productivity increased from 50 – 52%.  Health and productivity are inextricably linked, and workplace wellness programs can improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction, demonstrate concern for employees and improve morale in the work place.  Additionally, healthy employees have a lower risk of injury, lower absenteeism, and a greater resilience.