Group Training Is Back! Here’s the Schedule

Group Training is back!! We’re now offering 4 Group Training options per week (with intentions of adding more soon) for as low as $12 per session! Below are schedule and pricing details for our high-intensity group sessions.


Tuesday at 6pm with Leah

Thursday at 7pm with Connor

Friday at 5:45am with Justin

Saturday at 8am with a rotating instructor


Member Pricing: $12 per session

Non-Member Pricing: $15 per session

Value Pricing: $200 for 20 sessions (member or non-member)


For now, sign up using the sheets we have at the front desk or simply call/email to get set up. We will have an online sign-up portal within 1-2 weeks to streamline this process.


What to expect? Each group training session with include a 5-10 minute warm-up, approximately 45 minutes of high-intensity strength training customizable for all fitness levels and a thorough cool-down after the workout. Each group training session could have up to 12 people in them, creating a fun, friendly and competitive atmosphere to help push you to reach your goals!

Motivation: 300 Pounds Down & Counting!

One of the most common excuses I hear for why individuals don’t exercise is LACK OF MOTIVATION. This story will put a quick end to that excuse. Jesse Shand was recently featured on for his amazing weight loss story.

28-year-old Jesse Shand battled obesity and won—with a little help from his friends on the forums. Learn how the kindness of strangers made a difference in one man’s life!

Jesse went from 653 pounds back in 2013, to 297 at the time of this posting. He’s probably working out as we speak. He has displayed a tremendous amount of motivation, perseverance and determination along this journey, but as the article on BB says, he’s nowhere near finished with this story!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

What is stopping YOU from taking your first step? If you’ve already started your weight loss journey, this should be a real life example of how hard work and dedication pays off. Keep it up, we’ve got your back and will help in any way!

Don’t be hesitant when it comes to your health. You only have one body and you have to live in it forever. Let’s make sure we take care of it!

You can read the fully detailed story of Jesse Shand here!

Guess That Workout: Which activity did I do to burn these calories? *UPDATED*

This contest ended April 29, please find the answers below. Winners have been contacted! Good luck on the next “Guess that Workout!”

Find the Answers Here!


Is Workout A:

A) Leg Day

B) 5 mile walk with puppy

C) Mowing the lawn

This was just some good ol’ fashion yardwork! Cut the front and back in under an hour. My lawn is about 7,000 sq ft, in case you’re curious of what YOU might be burning when you mow and wanted to put it into perspective.


Is Workout B:

A) Leg Day

B) 5 mile walk with puppy

C) Mowing the lawn

Ahh, gotta love leg day! It’s a good thing I cut the yard before working out my legs, because the day after this workout was pretttttty rough.

Guess that Workout

Let’s play a little game called Guess That Workout! Here’s how you play:

  1. Look at the two photos presented below. The data is taken from my Microsoft Band, which measures heart rate, calories burned, length of workout and a ton of other useful statistics (that I left out of the pics).
  2. Try to match the workout options to the data in the pictures.
  3. Submit your answers and if you get them both correct, you’ll receive $1 off your next post-workout smoothie!


Is Workout A:

A) Leg Day

B) 5 mile walk with puppy

C) Mowing the lawn


Is Workout B:

A) Leg Day

B) 5 mile walk with puppy

C) Mowing the lawn

Guess That Workout Below:

Workout of the Day: Saturday, March 14, 2015

Client Testimonial: Nathan S. Ready To Pack On Some Muscle!

Nathan recently came to us with exciting news for our client testimonials page. He lost 40 pounds on his own. What an accomplishment! Now he has a new goal. Nathan wants to pack on some muscle and continue his fat loss journey. At the time of this recording, it had only been a few weeks but Nathan comes in and works relentlessly at his goals so we’re thrilled to see what changes will occur by the end of 2015!

Client Testimonial: Nadine J. is excited about her improved mobility!

Here is a quick client testimonial from Nadine! Nadine came to us back in September 2014 and has since had a back surgery to fix a long-term injury that has been causing her pain for many years. After the surgery, Nadine wasn’t getting her flexibility and mobility back as fast as she had expected. Physical therapy wasn’t getting the job done and the exercises the hospital gave her weren’t of much help either.

Nadine decided to come back into the gym and work on her mobility with us! A few months later, she’s made tremendous progress and is well on pace to be more mobile and more flexible than she was pre-surgery!

We’re glad Nadine is here at 1 & Only and we’re so happy to see her getting the results she desires!

Fox 59 visits 1 & Only Fitness!

We were lucky enough to have Sherman Burdette and the Fox 59 crew come broadcast live from the gym today! Did you miss out on the segments? Watch us on the Fox 59 website HERE!

Stop in and see us anytime! We have incredible deals available right now such as 20% personal training sessions, $99/month for the unlimited package and more! Try to make it in for Super Saturday so we can show you why we are THE gym for YOU!


F.O.R.M. – Functionality Overcomes Rotten Movements

We all have the choice to do things correct or slightly flawed, the latter typically is the easy way out.  There is only one truth, truth is singular.  The rest are versions of mistruths.  In regards to this, I will be writing about proper exercise form, so let the truth be told!

Proper form simply comes down to basic body mechanics and an individual’s mobility.  It’s a matter of how we move and how we should not move.  If you execute exercises with proper form, the results and the effectiveness of the chosen exercises will be much greater! Another perk is that you’re setting yourself up for healthy, injury-free strength gains.

Many guys want a thicker chest, so obviously they are going to do chest exercises probably with a good amount of weight, but fail to actually grow their chest.  The sole reason why this issue occurs is improper form. Your body will always take the path of least resistance, unless you force proper body mechanics, in this case allowing the front deltoid (shoulders) to take over and do most of the work.

In my ten years of personal training, 90% of people do this and most of them aren’t aware until it is made apparent to them.  It is a world of a difference in how the exercise feels, let alone the results you will achieve just by simply pulling your shoulder blades back and squeezing though your chest, not just moving the weight.

Do me a favor and get up and do 3 squats in front of a mirror….

Did you notice your knees? Were they in front or behind your toes?Was your back rounded or arched? Was your head and chest held high or pointed downward?  Were you primarily on your toes or back on your heels?

All of these are questions you have to ask yourself to achieve great form, which will lead to better results, less injury, and an increase in personal confidence.

This measures up with anything we do in this life.  I believe most will agree, quality is worth much more than quantity.  Quality fuels our soul and quantity fuels are egos.  Take some time to really learn what proper form is and practice, practice, practice!

This is a lesson you can take with you on your lifelong journey of health and happiness, it’s the way you were made to move!