1 & Only Fitness Member of the Month: December 2014 – Megan Richmond (Guest Blog Post)

It’s a new year and we decided to implement some new changes here at 1 & Only Fitness! One of those changes is our Member of the Month program! Every month, we’re going to highlight a member that has really impressed us with their hard work and dedication to their fitness goals.

We take numerous factors into consideration when choosing a member of the month because ALL of our members work so hard day in, day out. It’s extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one person, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. At the end of the day, we want this “award” to mean something! We want YOU to WANT to be Member of the Month.

With that being said, we’d like to acknowledge that the FIRST 1 & Only Fitness Member of the Month is:

Megan Richmond


We notified Megan a few days ago and asked her if she wanted to share her story in a guest blog post, and she agreed to do it! Please read and share her story below.

This is a guest blog post from our December 2014 Member of the Month, Megan Richmond.


In the summer of 2011, after several trips to the pool in my uncomfortable and too small swimsuit, I decided it was time to make some changes. I made an appointment to meet with Mike (Lewkowicz) and at this point I wasn’t really sure what I had gotten myself into. I showed up to the appointment but I was more nervous than I had ever been for anything else in my entire life. I knew he was about to ask me questions I didn’t want answer out loud! As any good trainer would, Mike asked me about my current and past health/weight and what goals/expectations I had for the journey.

Mike gave me no opportunity to let my nerves get the best of me and back out. We met on Tuesday and my first training session was Thursday night! Everything I did in the first workout seemed difficult, all the way down to the stretches. I was sore in places I never knew could be sore, but I couldn’t wait for the next workout! I eliminated foods, I added different foods, I wrote every morsel of food I ate in my food log… I lost nearly 50 pounds in my first 6 months.

The success on the scale made it easy to look forward to the next session. It was spring of 2012 when the first plateau came. I got discouraged and Mike said it was time to change the nutrition plan again. Six months into the journey and I felt like I had sacrificed so much already, I lost 50 pounds following that plan, why did it stop working? I kept up the workouts and cardio but I really struggled with the nutrition. My results suffered because of my struggle to commit. I battled back and forth losing the same 20 pounds for more than a year. Mike finally convinced me to make changes to my food plan and I lost those 20 pesky pounds for the last time.

As I got smaller the pounds became harder to lose. At this point, two years after starting my journey, I had met AND exceeded my original goals set with Mike in that meeting in 2011. I had a choice, I could continue to make myself healthier and raise the bar or I could be content with how far I had come. I talked about changes but I didn’t act on them. I continued to workout with Mike and he continued to tell me I had to get real with my nutrition if I wanted to lose the body fat!

Thankfully Mike never gave up on me! Mike gave me the challenge of a lifetime in March 2014. He asked me to commit to my nutrition and follow his meal plan strictly for 6 weeks. Looking back, I now know he tricked me with that 6 weeks statement. Once I had done exactly what the meal plan said for 6 weeks, my body (and mind) had adjusted. Week 6 became week 10 then week 16, the weeks passed and the inches and pounds fell off. I had finally ‘caught the bug’ and became fully committed.

I joined 1 & Only Fitness as soon as the doors opened and I haven’t looked back! Mike helped me get healthy and 1&Only is helping me stay healthy! The expertise available in the gym has multiplied. The new training staff at 1 & Only all bring their own unique fitness twist to the gym. Not only do I continue my regular personal training sessions with Mike, I now join the group training sessions, Straps & Bodyweight class, Boot Camp and Zumba!

I have lost more than 80 pounds in the last three years and cut my body fat percentage in half. I have set goals, changed goals, met goals and set new goals. I have worked hard and eaten clean. I have had the support of Mike every step of the way! I can’t thank Mike and the trainers at 1 & Only Fitness enough for the continued support  to help ME reach MY goals!

What The Trainers Have To Say About Megan


Megan is such a dedicated hard worker. Whether it’s 6 AM or 6 PM, studio class or personal training, she’s in the gym giving 100%. Her work ethic motivated me to work harder in the gym, both as a trainer and during my own workouts. She has had great results, but will not settle. She wanted to keep getting better each and every day. I truly applaud her for that.


I’ve only known Megan for a couple of months, but one thing I know for sure is that she does not give up! It could be 5 AM, dark outside, with snow on the ground and you’ll still find her at the gym with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She’s a bride-to-be in March and OH BOY is she doing to look GREAT!


Megan is a very inspiring individual! I’m impressed by her positive attitude and relentless work ethic every day. She’s come so far during her fitness journey and refuses to settle, she’s always trying to improve. I really appreciate her approach to fitness and can’t wait to see all of the future success she has in the gym.


Megan’s transformation has been nothing short of amazing!  She has a fun and great attitude towards life, plus, Megan is very diligent with health outside of the gym.  She has learned how to exercise and make wise choices that always fit into her plan. We are very proud of her accomplishments.  Everything is planned out, borderline OCD :), but that is why Megan gets results.  She thinks and plans about what she is doing and what needs to be done to make her healthy and feel great!  You are motivation to me Megan, thank you!


Megan is one of those people that brings a smile with her every day. It is not only her success in the gym that is inspiring but the attitude she keeps while doing so. She has an unwavering dedication to the cause and is the type of client that makes me remember why I chose to do what I do. We all have days we don’t feel like getting in the gym and putting in work (yes…even us trainers), but she is the type of person to light a fire under you when she walks in the door to hold you accountable. Megan is a testimony to what we are all about at 1 & Only Fitness and her presence and success as a client will be the foundation of our success as a gym.

Stay tuned for the next Member of the Month announcement. It could be YOU!