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Body Cuing for Enhanced Muscle Growth & Development

Have you ever worked out and attempted to target a certain muscle group and 2-3 days later you are sore in a different area than you would have expected?  For example, maybe you were trying to target your chest, but the front of your shoulders seemed to be more fatigued or sore than your chest. […]

Leaky WHAT Syndrome?!

Have you been tired lately? Feeling sluggish or even foggy with your thoughts? This isn’t fun and can make it tough to tackle your day! If you could choose to have unlimited amounts of energy, positive emotions and clear thoughts, would you? Of course you would! There is some buzz behind a condition called Leaky […]

4 Ways to Make Progress This Winter

Over the past couple weeks I haven’t been the most motivated person, in regards to my personal fitness.  Call it distraction, stress, lack of sleep or maybe just sheer laziness.  Maybe a combination of all 4. I am determined to change that, and take control of my fitness and health, because I deserve to feel good, sleep […]

Go In the Direction of Your Dreams

In this busy world we sometimes lose focus on who we are, what we are really doing and why we are doing it.  We’ve all experienced going through the motions, which is mundane, boring and does not bear results on many levels. Sometimes we do just need to STOP and smell the roses.  When was […]

Mike’s Message: Getting Aligned with Your Goals

We all have goals set out for us, whether we choose to believe that is another story.  We have goals in mind each day; What we want to accomplish, how we want to treat ourselves & others, etc.  You may not write these goals down or necessarily keep them on the forefront, but they are still […]

How To Eat Healthy On-The-Go

Hmmm. What should I order? It’s the universal question we all ask almost on a daily basis.  It’s a more complex question than what it may seem.  What are you really ordering?  Unfortunately a lot of “food” is not truly food nowadays, and it’s actually become a challenge to eat healthy.  What?!?! Chili cheese nachos aren’t […]

7 Common Exercise Mistakes

Exercise can be fairly intimidating to those starting an exercise routine and to those who have been trying to meet their goals for a while.  Exercise and fitness is at its tallest height of popularity, which is good and bad.  Its great that we are realizing the importance and benefit of physical exertion and activity […]

Superfoods 101

I am really excited for you to be reading this blog about one of the most important components of good health and nutrition!  What is a superfood?  There is a lot of confusion on what actually qualifies as a superfood these days, it seems like new “superfoods” pop up every year. I want to give […]

F.O.R.M. – Functionality Overcomes Rotten Movements

We all have the choice to do things correct or slightly flawed, the latter typically is the easy way out.  There is only one truth, truth is singular.  The rest are versions of mistruths.  In regards to this, I will be writing about proper exercise form, so let the truth be told! Proper form simply comes […]