570-Pound Man Commits to Finishing a 5K Per Month in 2015

If you’re struggling to find motivation, this article will do the trick. There’s an incredible news story going viral right now about Derek Mitchell, a 34 year-old man from Missouri who has made a commitment to finishing one 5k race per month in 2015. Derek weighed 570lbs on January 1st, 2015 when he decided to make a change in his life. He vowed to give up soda, adopt a healthier diet, add exercise to his daily routine and finish one 5k race per month.

“I decided that, starting in March, I would do at least on 5K each month for the rest of the year,” Mitchell, told Runner’s World Newswire.

He’s stuck to his word and plans to get stronger with each race. Derek want’s to shed about 250lbs this year and improve his race completion time by 5 minutes each month!

Last weekend, at the Kansas City Big 12 Run, he completed his first 5k of the year. With the entire crowd cheering him on to through the finish line, Derek finished in 1:27:44 and sparked one of the most inspiring stories of the year.


“Originally, I started this for myself because I needed to get healthy,” Mitchell said. “But it’s amazing the way you can inspire people to get up and get moving just by doing something simple like finishing a 5K.”

Inspiring is right. Derek Mitchell has redefined his possible. What’s stopping you from doing the same?