3 Foods To Grill At Your Next Cookout

Sweet Potato

What’s everyone’s favorite thing to grill? BURGERS! And, what goes well with burgers? FRIES! Since traditional fries aren’t the healthiest route, put your own spin on the classic combo and go with some homemade sweet potato fries. Simply cook your sweet potatoes, either in boiled water or in the oven, then cut them into fried. Place them on the grill for a nice char and enjoy with your meat and other veggies!


With all the health benefits that come with eating Avocado, and all of the flavor benefits that come with grilling food, this combination just makes perfect sense. Cut and de-seed your Avocado, season the inside with some S&P, and spread a light amount of coconut oil on it. Place the cut-side down onto the grill for about 5 minutes, then enjoy your perfectly grilled veggie-fruit-superood!


Kale is one of the healthiest greens on the earth and everyone should be eating it! Some say the taste isn’t for them, but by grilling Kale, you can eliminate that issue. Don’t purchase bagged or boxed Kale, get the Kale fresh from the produce cooler. You need stems and all! Lightly season and oil the entire stalk and place it on the grill until it’s cooked to your liking. I tend to like mine crispier, liker a chip! Once it’s grilled, you can season again or add some lemon juice/zest for added zing!

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