An Open Letter to All Gym Goers

Dear Consistent Gym-Goer,

Are you ready for the new year? How was your 2015? Did you make GAINZ (with a z)? Are you bigger, stronger, faster, healthier and more awesome than ever before?

I hope so!

I overheard you talking last week, complaining about how you’re dreading the upcoming wave of newbies at the gym in January. You know, those New Year Resolutioners.

Jeez. What the hell is wrong with those people? Why would anyone want to get in shape and improve their quality of life? Sounds like a bunch of chumps.

How dare they step foot into your gym with a positive attitude and smile on their face because they are excited to give themselves a second chance at achieving a healthier lifestyle.

The nerve of these people.

They come in and bench press until their chest goes numb on the very bench you sit and take selfies on. They’re sweating and gasping for air, doing interval training on the treadmill. The exact same treadmill you walk and text on. They perform squats in the squat racks until their legs feel like noodles. The same squat racks that you do curls in 4 days a week. Sick workout, bro.

What I think a lot of us forget is that we were all once newbies too. Also, maybe we need to revamp our own workout regimen and kick it up a notch. I’m saying us, meaning consistent gym goers. I’m saying us because I’ve been just as guilty of some of the teasing that surrounds the New Year’s wave at every gym across America.

Every professional was initially an amateur. We all pretty much started from the bottom on our own fitness journey. My personal fitness journey turned into a career. A career where I helped those same annoying gym newbies from last year lose hundreds of pounds in 2015.

Sure, the memes and jokes are funny. You guys know I love to lift weights, but making fun of how much I love to lift weights is even better. I love gym humor.

But, there’s nothing funny about shaming and discouraging someone out of the gym and back into an unhealthy state of mind.

I have a challenge for us. Let’s embrace this new wave of people, no matter how out of shape they are, no matter how horrible their form is and no matter how crowded it makes the gym. Chances are, one day not too long ago, you were that out of shape person with bad form and no clue what you were doing at the gym. Everyone has things they can improve on. I have a list that I’m going to tackle in 2016.

Embrace this new wave of people and use it as motivation for your own fitness goals. More new people in the gym means more potential like-minded friends, more networking connections, more learning experiences, etc. Heck, at the very least, think of it as more people who will see how much of an absolute beast you are in the weight room.

Welcome these people to your gym. Introduce yourself. Encourage them. Give helpful tips if you have the time to do so. Introduce them to me if they need extra help. Hopefully the lifestyle sticks and next year we can have the same conversation with some newbies-turned-regulars who may have forgotten where they came from.

One last thing. Keep up the great work. You come to the gym consistently year around and that is no easy task. Here’s to a great new year in 2016!




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