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How To Eat Healthy On-The-Go

Hmmm. What should I order?

It’s the universal question we all ask almost on a daily basis.  It’s a more complex question than what it may seem.  What are you really ordering?  Unfortunately a lot of “food” is not truly food nowadays, and it’s actually become a challenge to eat healthy.

 What?!?! Chili cheese nachos aren’t real?!  They sure taste real!

Looks and taste can be deceiving, my friends.  About a week ago, Justin blogged about Subway’s hazardous ingredients, please read if you haven’t, it was eye opening.


Funny enough, Subway came out with a new commercial promoting chicken with, get this, 100% real chicken and real ingredients!  What the hell was the chicken made of before?  This isn’t the first time restaurants and agriculture companies have lied to us with BS ingredients.  Remember the “pink slime beef incident?”  I thought beef was beef and chicken was chicken?  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple anymore. And to be honest, it’s quite alarming.


These sham ingredients in food, especially when consumed on a weekly basis, can cause chronic diseases, cancer, heart disease, and really bad attitudes. The last one especially!

Have no fear, we will uncover 3 food choices at local venues so you can be sure of what you are consuming and make wise choices when you eat out at a restaurant. This is how you eat healthy on the go!


We will start with my FAVORITE restaurant, Qdoba.

I eat here very often because of the freshness, nutrients provided and of course convenience. There are 2 Qdoba restaurants within 5 minutes of the gym so it’s a no-brainer for me.  Qdoba is kind enough to publish allergens and ingredients on their website, making it easy to see that a lot of their meals can be made healthy.


My recommendation at Qdoba would be Burrito in a bowl including:

2 scoops Black Beans

2 scoops Pico de Gallo

1 heaping scoop of Guacamole

1 handful of Lettuce

Cholula hot sauce… and lots of it.


This is my go-to meal. It’s always hot, nutritious and delicious! Notice there is no chicken, no carne asada, no tortilla, no queso and no chips. Those are all extremely tasty ways to turn your beautiful, healthy burrito bowl into a disaster.


If you reference the ingredients lists linked above, you’ll see that all of the options in this bowl are all pretty much in their natural state, which is how food should be enjoyed.


Black Beans: Black Beans, Red Onions, Cumin, Water, Lime Juice, Salt

Pico de Gallo: Tomato, Red Onion, Jalapeño Pepper, Cilantro, Lime Juice, Salt

Guacamole: Avocados, Red Onions, Cilantro, Jalapeño Peppers, Lime, Juice, Salt

Lettuce: Lettuce


There’s no fillers, artificial ingredients or dangerous chemicals in my bowl. You should be able to say the same!



Next up is ANY salad bar at a health food store such as Earthfare, Fresh Thyme, Fresh Market or Whole Foods.


This is a very simple and convenient option for you on-the-go eaters.


Tips for success:

  1. Eat as many vegetables as you like
  2. Put some egg on your salad
  3. Make your own dressing, just so you know what you are eating

1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

½ tablespoon Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Salt & Pepper to taste. Add ½ tablespoon of Raw Honey for sweetness.


This will always be a winning combination, just make sure you trust your grocery store with the ingredients!


Lastly we will cover all major restaurant chains, as well as local diners and dives.

Unfortunately, the menu is made up to satisfy your taste buds and most of the time nutrition isn’t taken into account.  So that leaves us with the option to “order off the menu,” which is fine.


No matter what the menu says, just remember some of these tips when ordering and the restaurant will be happy to accommodate your preferences.


  1. Get your meat grilled or blackened.
  2. Order sauces, if any, on the side .
  3. The hotter the better.
  4. Order steamed veggies.
  5. Order water only.
  6. Skip dessert. If you must order, grab some seasonal fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.


You can’t count on food companies to have your best interest at heart, making a profit is the only motivation for most large companies.  You have the power to make the choice and control your health.  You do have choices and if you don’t help yourself, you shouldn’t count on anybody or company either.


Cheers to your health.  You are worth it.

Mike L.

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7 Common Exercise Mistakes

Exercise can be fairly intimidating to those starting an exercise routine and to those who have been trying to meet their goals for a while.  Exercise and fitness is at its tallest height of popularity, which is good and bad.  Its great that we are realizing the importance and benefit of physical exertion and activity and research backs up these claims page by page.  Its bad because, there are a lot of “experts” out there that aren’t qualified as experts, just self proclaimed because they have biceps.

Through social media you are able to view many people in great shape, that are throwing out advice for the masses on how to workout, what to do, and what supplements to take.  This can be a very dangerous road for the new exerciser because of the information overload. Information overload can lead to confusion and exercise mistakes.  Just because Joe Liftalot has a 6 pack doesn’t mean he “knows” the right exercises to do for you and your body.  A picture says a 1000 words but there is 10,000 other words that cant be expressed in a photo alone.

Dr. Mercola is a well respected health expert and has been pumping out good infuriation to the public, from a holistic approach, for years.  Anything from water and hydration to pollution in your environment, Dr. Mercola has an extensive knowledge of health & wellness.   He is a trusted resource by me as well as thousands of other fitness professionals, he’s also backed up by powerful research and delivery.  He just recently published an article on his website called “7 Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Make” which I believe is a great and important read!

The Huffington Post and Mens Health recently featured some of these common mistakes as well:

  1. You skip the warm-up

  2. You avoid strength training

  3. You don’t do flexibility training

  4. You miss out on the advice of a fitness trainer

  5. You overdo it

  6. You think you’re too old

  7. You think running is the only form of cardio


Number 6 & 7 are my favorites, and by favorite I mean those are the ones that annoy me the most.  I’ve heard some form of these issues at least 500 times a piece.=, but I believe it simply comes down to “training smarter and not harder.” Have you made any of these mistakes on the list? If so, come by the gym and ask me or any of our trainers how you can correct the issue moving forward! That is why we’re here!

Respect your body in 2015.  You are worth it.

-Mike L.

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