Want to get stronger, faster, more athletic and improve your overall quality of life? The answer is obviously yes!

There seems to be a common misconception that getting fit has to be extremely expensive.

I disagree.

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to hit your fitness goals. You don’t need to splurge on pricey gimmicks and fads. You don’t need the latest and greatest supplements on the market.

Having some extra dough to spend may help, but instead of blowing all of your cash on things that may or may not help, I’ve decided to create a list of things that will absolutely help. The best part? All of these items are under $10.

Here are 10 essential items under $10 that you need to stay in tip-top shape!

Water Bottle

Being well hydrated can make or break all of your efforts to get fit. Water is an essential component for several processed of the body and even the slightest bit of dehydration can knock you off your game. I like to tell my clients to aim for a gallon of water consumption daily. Even if you fall short, you’ll likely surpass the general consensus goal of 8 cups per day. Here’s a 64 oz. water bottle for only $8.99.

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Food Scale

I am a huge believer in food prep. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. I believe that you should know exactly what you’re eating, how much of it you’re eating and how it was prepared. With a food scale, you can be sure that your portions are on-point with every meal. This food scale on Amazon for under 10-bucks will get the job done, and work nicely with the next item on the list.

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My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal is a smartphone app that allows you to track your daily food and water intake, as well as your exercise calorie expenditure. You can scan labels to input meals or simply manually enter each item of food and MyFitnessPal will calculate your calories, protein, fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, etc. With this app, there will be no surprises as to why you are or aren’t hitting your goals. Stick to your nutrition plan, log it honestly and workout hard. You’ll get there every time!


Continuing on the idea of food prep, what are you going to store your prepped food in? BPA-fee Tupperware! Duh! This is a no-brainer and extremely helpful, no matter what your fitness goals are.

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Foam Roller

The foam roller can be your best friend in the gym. Self-myofascial release, or foam rolling, is a form of self-massage with the use of a foam cylinder. It hurts so good. You can use a foam roller to release knots and target trigger points of soreness on your body – with real-time feedback. The foam roller is a great assistant when it comes to restoring function and mobility to various areas of the body. In my opinion, this is a must-have for serious fitness freaks.

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Lacrosse Ball

So you love your foam roller, but still have some hard-to-reach areas that need attention. Enter: the lacrosse ball. This little guy will torture you back to ‘normal’ with precision in the same way the foam roller will. The lacrosse ball is much more intense, but with that intensity comes even more effectiveness at restoring muscular function. I will probably do a separate, lengthy post about self-myofascial release techniques soon!

Simple Interval Timer

I love circuits. My favorite type of cardio is… lifting heavy weights, quickly. With the Simple Interval Timer app you can set up your circuits and crush them seamlessly. This app is fee and available for iPhone and Android devices.


I get it. Sometimes you don’t want to hear Pitbull, Flo-Rida and Ke$ha on repeat at the gym while you try to pump some iron. You need a solid pair of headphones to put in when you need some not so family-friendly music to get your hyped up to workout. You can find tons of affordable headphones on Amazon, but I went ahead and found a pair for you!


Implementing a workout journal was hands-down the most beneficial addition to my fitness regimen in 2015. I can’t imagine lifting without my journal now. What do you write in it? Whatever the hell you want! I write exercises performed, weight used, sets, reps, how I feel, tips for future reference, etc. This has helped me push myself to the next level with every workout and given me a chance to see improvements on paper week-to-week. I would highly suggest you make this a part of your life in 2016 and beyond!

Gym Bag

If only there was a place you could keep all of these fitness tools. How about a gym bag? Keep your notebook in it, keep your headphones in it, keep your lacrosse ball in it… you get the point. Fit all the things you can in this thing! It doesn’t need to be fancy, in fact, I think cheaper is better! Don’t splurge too much on an item that will eventually smell like a nauseating can of sweat. Grab an affordable bag, pack it up with everything you need and go hit some goals!